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there are many different images of dragon models in this photo collage, each with its own hand holding the model
Trades part 1 by Rrkra on DeviantArt
four different pictures of a lizard made out of legos, including the tail and foot
Lizard thingy trade by Rrkra on DeviantArt
several images of different types of dragon made out of beaded wire and yarns
Chaquira lung dragon by freetobe on DeviantArt
four pictures of seahorses made from beads
Frozen Dragon Pendant by Sorceress-Nadira on DeviantArt
the beaded dragon is made from beads
two small white and green birds on a white surface with one holding a bird in its beak
ZimtHandmade - Student, Artisan Crafter | DeviantArt
four different images of an animal made out of string and beads, including a dragon
Eastern dragon by Rrkra on DeviantArt
an intricately designed brooch with blue beads and pearls on it's sides