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garden projects made from rocks and stones
15 Garden Mosaic Projects
Sometimes our gardens are just missing something and many times that hole can be filled by a mosaic project! Do you have some shattered ceramic or small pieces of tile? Well, if you do then you’re in luck! Take those shards, get some glue, and get ready to mosaic anything you want! Here are some …
a plant growing out of a tree stump on the ground next to a glass door
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a vase filled with lots of colorful flowers on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Madeira na Decoração
a vase filled with red flowers on top of a wooden table
Transform Your Space: 34+ Unique DIY Tree Log Decor Ideas (2024)
purple flowers are placed on wooden plates with leaves
DIY Dried Flower Coasters - The Crafted Life
three different pictures with some writing on the wall and one has a blackboard in it
Wonderful Tree Trunk Solutions for a Warm and Modern Look of Your Home - The ART in LIFE
three tiered planter with succulents and miniature animals on it's sides
30 Rustic Wooden Crates Flower Decoration Ideas
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🎯 Don't Miss Your Chance to Purchase ⚡Pouring Acrylic Paint⚡ 🎯
DIY Wooden Photo Transfers - Clever Poppy