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a cartoon character with blonde hair and blue eyes, wearing a pink dress and brown boots
Manga, Digimon, Legend Of Zelda Breath, Super Smash Brothers
the princess peach from mario's super mario bros, with long blonde hair and blue eyes
two cartoon girls with different outfits and purses
.:+School princesses+:. by AsmaAzizArt on DeviantArt
a girl in a pink dress holding an umbrella
an anime character with blonde hair wearing a pink dress and gold tiara, standing in front of a wall
Princess Peach - 1980's Half Body by Chocomiru by chocomiru02 on DeviantArt
the princess is holding a frog on her hand
the princess in her pink dress and tiara is holding a heart shaped object with one hand
Princess Peach - Wink Taunt (Full Colored Sketch) by chocomiru02 on DeviantArt
a woman in a pink dress carrying a cake
Luisa on Twitter
a woman in pink holding a piece of pizza and a spoon with an apple on it
Zambiie on Twitter