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Step 9: All gurls need to have pretty nails! Even if she can't grow out and paint her finger nails yet...there's no reason that she can't do her toes! Have her learn to do her own; but the goal is to get her to the salon on a regular basis. Start her off at the salon by just getting a plain manicure, no color. Once she is comfortable, have them do her toes. She'll be embarrassed, but she'll get through it. **The rush is great. LUV french tips on my toes.

French Pedicure black and white flower nail art.

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Green & Pink Toe Nail Design

Nail Stylists at Rhea's of Hilton Head. Call 843-681-2227. Visit: 17 New Orleans Rd, Ste B, Hilton Head, SC 29928. Website: http://rheashairsalon.com/