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The BEST rapper to every come into the game. Tupac was a poet, lyricist and a musical genius. Often imitated but never duplicated.

Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg & Ice Cube New Hip Hop Beats Uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY

The Godfathers of West Coast Rap Dr. Dre,Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, should be Tupac in here too if you ask me!

Dr. Dre. Proving it doesn't matter where you start from. "Sucker free for life, so you better think twice."

Dre, left, and Snoop Dogg were two of the hottest hip-hop stars of the In August, Dre announced that he has a album coming out. Here& a look back at some of the other stars of & rap.

Ludacris....#hiphop #beats updated daily =>

Christopher "Ludacris" Bridges he rockin' dat fro! # he's the funny male rapper! Missy Elliott is the funny female rapper :D love both of them!

Skateboard......#hiphop #beats updated daily =>

big glass jar with baby's breath, mirror and shelf. could use in your livingroom or bedroom