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GP- this is totally what my stomach looks like!

The bacteria has evolved to survive in the acidic environment of the stomach where enzymes digest food. pylori bacteria burrow into the cells of the stomach lining and cause low grade inflammation. pylori is the most common cause of .

Liver Segmental Anatomy | see CT of the normal liver , CT normal liver , CT with multiple liver ...

This shows the anatomy of a liver. We didn't really go over this in class, but it was on our lab assignment for this week.

Południe   bonus

Południe bonus

Crohn's Disease - An Infographic. by B. R. Keller, via Behance

An infographic about Crohn's Disease and its effects on the body. Design for Social Good- a course at the University of North Florida taught by Elizabeth Nabi.Designer, Illustrator, and Writer - B. KellerWriter and Editor - Wyatt Hudson Hall