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Andrzej Sitkiewicz

Andrzej Sitkiewicz
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Engineers design ‘living materials’ Hybrid materials combine bacterial cells with nonliving elements that can conduct electricity or emit light.

The supernova remnant called G299 is reminiscent of a beautiful flower here on Earth. Image Credit: NASA/CXC/U.Texas

Exploded star blooms like a Cosmic Flower. Chandra observations of the supernova remnant reveal important information about this object. Image Credit: NASA/CXC/U.

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Men's Street Style Outfits For Cool Guys: Today fashion is not just restricted to women. Men have become more fashion conscious and have started focusing on the way the dress more and more.

Aurora Lights seen from space

From space, the aurora is a crown of light that circles each of Earth’s poles. The IMAGE satellite captured this view of the aurora australis (southern lights) on September 2005

Zobacz rewolucyjny grafen. Chińczycy "biją" Polaków

neckr: “ sixpenceee: “ Chinese material scientists have created the world’s lightest material: a graphene aerogel that is seven times lighter than air. The graphene aerogel is so light that an cube.