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IKEA doesn't always have to be the answer when you need a new shelf. Sometimes a fallen branch lying around will do. Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz found one when walking around the city in Santiago, Chile and transformed it into a beautiful shelf.

VHS Wall Shelves

Sadly a lot of people reading this have never had heard of VHS video cassette tapes let alone thought about these things to make and do with old VHS tapes!

Surround yourself with literature while you indulge in your favorite novel while sitting in the bookshelf reading chair. The bold design blends form and function by allowing you to store your books throughout the entire frame of this unique reading chair.

Look furniture for storage the book? this unique curved shape bookcase with place to sit, it's called Bookworm created by Dutch designers Atelier This bookcase is perfect to decorate your reading room

Set the night sky ablaze with a beautiful light spectacle as you release the eco colored wish lanterns. Upon lighting these pastel colored wish lanterns, they begin their graceful ascent into the heavens while simultaneously creating a beautiful star-filled sky.

Sky lanterns from America's largest lantern supplier - Wish Lantern. The USA's original supplier of quality sky lanterns. Sky Lanterns are safe and fun alternative to fireworks.

Steampunk Buildings #Steampunk #Style #Fashion

NOT Jules Verne's house, but it would have been quite fitting for the father of Steampunk. It's a steampunk treehouse built for the movie City of Lost Children