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ODL, Inc. - ODL 10 in. Tubular Skylight Kit with Composite Flashing for Asphalt Roofs, Including ODL Solar-Powered Dimmer Kit - Brings natural light into an interior space and reduces energy costs.

Sphere Factor - The Woodworkers Institute

Sphere Factor - The Woodworkers Institute [This is about as simple as it gets; I'd suggest a couple of swing arms for different radii spheres and nearly any scrap will do for the construction - this isn't rocket science]

Ellipse Routing Jig - The Woodworkers Institute

There are all sorts of ways to cut an ellipse but the easiest way to get a perfect shape is to use a router jig of some sort. This ellipse jig is not original, I have seen variations of it in several books, but it is very easy to make and works a trea

knobs for woodworking jigs

When I built the flip-top cart, I used wingnuts on the table locks. They worked ok but a tad bit tough to grip so decided to make some knobs to replace them with. Serge posted some shop made knobs he made that I really liked so I decided that was .