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two pictures side by side, one with an image of a house and the other has a drawing on it
on the left (design by Andrzej Ludew)-I did it in 1989 in Canada. on the right-the best house in England in 2017.....
three different designs are shown in this drawing
COMPETITIONS | Andrzej Ludew | Archinect
two pictures with different buildings and lights in the middle one is lit up at night
The Lotus Building , China / This colourful building sits at the heart of a lake, and each night it 'opens' anew and lit with a beautiful array of colours.
two black and white drawings of different architectural styles, with the words warraw city competition written below
COMPETITIONS | Andrzej Ludew | Archinect
an aerial view of a city with skyscrapers and buildings in the foreground at night
European Federation of Public Service Unions report on the employment effects and opportunities affecting the low carbon electricity industry
Greenwich Peninsula scheme by Santiago Calatrava in London, United Kingdom
an orange object is shown in the middle of a black background with lines and dots
design and drawing by andrew ludew architect 2015......somewhere in the city!
an architectural drawing of a large egg in the middle of a building with lots of lines on it
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Bruyère André (1912-1998) Projet pour le concours, non réalisé. Elévation et coupe C-D sur parking 1971