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africa map made up of african symbols
World Music for Children - Free Song Page
a poster with different types of vases in spanish and english, which are labeled as o's poyos indiganas
Professora Juce
Professora Juce
a woman's hand holding a wooden spoon over a pot
Craft Stick Bracelets (Fun Kids Craft Idea)
Turn ordinary craft sticks into cute wearable bracelets with this fun and unique kid’s craft!
a toothbrush holder made out of toilet paper with the words homemade spinning brushbot on it
Homemade Spinning Brushbot
Full, step-by-step, picture tutorial for making this simple, inexpensive, super cute, homemade spinning brushbot. Great first robot project for kids! {pacific kid}
a toothbrush with a light on top of it
How to Make a Homemade Bristlebot with LED | DIY Toy Robots
an instruction manual for how to use a hand held sewing machine, with instructions and diagrams
Homopolar motor
Creative Electronics for Kids: Pixel Art Light Cubes!
Free template and instructions: Teach kids how to create pixel art! 👩‍🎨Then fold it up into a cube and light it up by adding a simple led circuit! 💡In the end, every kid will have it's own pixel art light cube! This is a super creative STEM project for kids! 😍 #STEM #PixelArt Music: Fairy Meeting by Emily A. Sprague