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a living room filled with lots of furniture and decor on top of a white floor
Touch of Traditional Elegance (Home Tour of Shubhaa Satish)
Layering process of a home is a natural one, in that you can decide and adapt to suit your needs and tastes. When you progress each layer carefully and give due thought to your designing style while giving free rein to your imagination, you are looking at your dream home. Take a walk with me through one such basic home today which has become a jewel box in the hands of our today’s homeowners.
a living room filled with lots of green plants
27 Home Decor
Looking to transform your living space into a serene oasis or boost your productivity with genius organization devices? Look no further! We've curated a collection of 27 home decor ideas that are bound to ignite your creativity and meet your unique style and needs.
a kitchen with lots of potted plants in it
Victorian Bohemian interior decorating
Wall art plays a pivotal role in Victorian Bohemian interior decorating. It’s not just an accessory but a statement piece that can set the tone for the entire room. In this style, wall art often features intricate designs, bold colors, and a mix of vintage and ethnic elements. These pieces can range from classic Victorian paintings and prints to more eclectic Bohemian tapestries and fabric art.
a dining room table with blue chairs and plates on the wall
Studio Vogelkop fashions Aatmaja with rustic and contemporary aesthetics
Studio Vogelkop fashions Aatmaja with rustic and contemporary aesthetics
a wooden bench sitting in front of a wall filled with framed pictures
Well-Designed: House of Windsor
Revisit the show house that redefined what luxury means for a modern family.
a kitchen counter topped with lots of pots and pans on top of wooden shelves
A Heady Brew of Traditional Indian and Vintage Charm: Pratibha’s Nest in Mumbai
A Heady Brew of Traditional Indian and Vintage Charm: Pratibha’s Nest in Mumbai – A Cauldron Full of Love
an old dresser with flowers and a mirror on it's top is sitting in front of a house
An Antique Mahogany Vanity in Rose
Furniture refinishing, vintage decor, antiques, cottage, flea market style, interior design
an ornate blue frame with a statue in it
At Taattva, each of the creatives that comes out of its artistry assembly line, has fascinating tales to tell.Every craft has a legend, carrying the flavor and fragrance of its socio-cultural roots. Be it from the colorful land of Kutch to the fascinating Valleys of Brahmaputra. Or from the enchanting Shivalik Mountain range to the Deep blue lagoon shallow land of Rama Setu. All masterpieces, chiseled by crafty hands and seeped deep into the culture of the land.
a living room with pink couches and paintings on the wall above them, along with colorful rugs
This Colorful San Francisco House Is Like a “Victorian on Acid”
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a bowl and plate
A Colourful Tapestry
Words fail to describe this vibrant masterpiece of a home. Take a closer look...
there is a red shelf with some vases on it next to other wall decorations
Selecting rare art from different parts of India to create unique scintillating pieces of decor... #Shelves #wallart #palletwood #WoodArt #woodcarving #woodworking #handmade #woodcraft #wood#architectural salvage homedecor#home&living
there are many decorative items on the wall
Gallery Wall
a white shelf with flowers and towels on it next to a wallpapered wall
Upcycled: New Uses For Old Chairs - Part 2
Things you can make with old chairs: how to upcycle an old chair.
a shelf with books, plants and other decorative items on it in front of a white wall
Inside a 640 Sq.Ft. Rental Home in San Francisco Decorated With Heirloom Treasures
Display shelf to show off antique brass collectibles and books. #indiandecor #livingroom #homedecor #ideas #decorating #brass #ethnic #modern
a potted plant sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a white wall
A Visit to the Bachman's Spring 2011 Ideas House...
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