Beautiful Pooja Room Decoration Ideas

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a living room filled with furniture and flowers on top of a blue table next to a lamp
40 Life Lessons I have learnt from my 4 decade Life Adventure
an ornate wooden mirror on the wall above a table with candles and figurines
Home Tour: Shalu Prasad’s Creative and Celestial Paradise
Morning sunshine streaming in and lighting up the patio, a mild breeze gently caressing the brass bells and making them chime, the ethereal beauty of freshly painted Kolams (rangoli designs), and the luxuriously serene environs in the bustling city of Bengaluru are just some of the stunning glimpses you will come across when you peek into Shalu Prasad’s home.
there is a small table with some plants on it
Sticking With The Classics (Home Tour of Nikeeta Deshpande)
Be it old or new, brass has undeniable star power. Shiny and new, it dazzles, commanding attention and if inserted properly in décor, it manages to hold the limelight indefinitely. I feel elated when I see young family instead hoping for the new fad, prefers and sticks to be with classic and finds their own truth in their roots without letting the norms of décor dictate it to them.
a potted plant sitting on top of a table next to vases and other items
Way to Add Traditional Decor In Home
Antique brass idols is another thing which you can add to beautify your home. Brass utensils, idols, antique pieces combined with colorful lights and a few plants look striking as a console table decor, or is even great for a corner table decor.
a white couch sitting next to a wooden cabinet on top of a hard wood floor
Brilliant IKEA Hacks for Big Blank Walls
Brilliant IKEA Hacks for Big Blank Walls
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Designs by Interior Designer Nitheesh TP, Ernakulam | Kolo
a cabinet with food on it in a kitchen next to a window and curtained door
4 Popular Pooja Room Designs for Indian Homes of Every Size
a living room filled with lots of furniture and decor on top of wooden shelves next to a chandelier
Designs by Contractor miltonmicheal miltonmicheal, Ernakulam | Kolo
the interior of a home decorated in white and gold with flowers on the floor, chandelier and buddha statue
10 Pooja Room Designs For Indian Homes
an old wooden cabinet with many items in it's display case next to a bed
How To Fix Pooja Room Vastu Doshas? 12 Vastu Tips for Pooja Room
pooja room vastu-wall mandir