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James Baldwin and his Olympia SM7 Portable Typewriter in Another Country
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What Charles Bukowski’s Glamorous Displays of Alcoholism Left Out (Published 2019)
Portrait, Historian, Classic, Henry, Lee Jeffries, Henry Charles Bukowski, Charles
Pure Poetry #24: Charles Bukowski
Hermann Hesse, Hermann, Hesse, The Orator
Portraits von Hermann Hesse - Meine Website
an old man sitting on a couch with sunflowers in the background
an old man sitting in a chair with his hand up
Portraits von Hermann Hesse - Meine Website
a man sitting at a bar with a martini in his hand
The elegant Murakami having a drink
a man sitting at a table with a bottle of beer in his hand and looking off to the side
The Nobel Prize in Literature 1962
John Keats, Dorothea Lange, Scott Fitzgerald, John Martin, The New Yorker, Dostoyevsky, Charles Bukowski Poems
The Transgressive Thrills of Charles Bukowski
John Steinbeck
John Steinbeck
black and white photograph of an older man in a suit looking off into the distance
John Steinbeck - Wikipedia