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a kitchen with pots and pans hanging on the wall next to a stove top oven
Kuchnie w stylu tradycyjnym
Traditional Polish country kitchen/ tiled stove. We're building one at Zawoja using old tiles.
a white house with wood trim and windows
Windfang in Holz-Glas-Ausführung Mehr #outdoorwood
a car parked in front of a brick building with white doors and windows on the side
columns with wooden support beams and decorative pegs
a house with two planters in front of it and a door on the outside
Like how paving meets gravel. Garage could have similar paving and decorative posts, then gravel beyond garage, connecting garage and under deck patio.
a small white house with a metal roof
Etusivu - Lasimanni
greenhouse sunroom@ thinking on the already existing deck (great roof connex) maybe a screened porch?
a brick building with green doors and windows on the side of it, surrounded by greenery
Porch / conservatory
a small house with a tree in the front yard and potted plants on the side
New House Journal: Timber Frame Front Porch
I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving. We worked most of the weekend painting the laundry/bath and Hearth Room/Kitchen. One project we too...
a brick house with white trim on the front and side windows, has an ad for oak by design - case study
Oak Porch Case Study - Get Inspired!
a small white house sitting next to a lush green bush and shrub covered sidewalk on a rainy day
a white porch with a black roof and the words quick build farmhouse porch on it
Hayneedle -
Have to have it. Real Good Toys QuickBuild Farmhouse Porch Kit - 1 Inch Scale - $73.99 @hayneedle
a white house with pink flowers on the front door and side walk leading up to it
Gallery - Oak Framed Porch Kits | A Timeless Addition to Your Home
Gallery - The Porch Specialists