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Image result for what is dark mori fashion

Image result for what is dark mori fashion

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I'd skip showing leg or any cleavage (I find it very unclassy), but I love the overall look. I'd never be able to pull the hat off either. them!  knitspiration

Apparently this is "Mori Girl" fashion, 'mori' meaning 'forest' in Japanese, so it's all woodsy and natural and stuff. Anyway, it's a bit "A Little Princess" post plunge into poverty, but I like it nonetheless.

BOHEMIA/SWEDEN ♥FCL I love this outfit but I have reservations as I would have to move to a northern climate in order to wear it.

Black Lake Niðstång on Instagram, by midwintercrone.

Strega fashion is a term used to describe the style of “modern witch”. Now, magicians do exist and can wear whatever they want, but the aesthetics of fantasy magicians has grown.