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the inside of an old wooden cabin with lots of clutter
Carpenter's Shop at Armand Bayou Nature Center IMG_1071
a small creek surrounded by tall grass and trees
Fitt | Powering the Future of Health and Fitness
Armand Bayou Nature Center
a wooden bridge over a small pond surrounded by trees
Pasadena Photos - Featured Images of Pasadena, Texas Gulf Coast
a lake with trees in the foreground and grass on the other side
Texas Visitors Guide - Vacations, Travel, Tourism
a lake surrounded by trees in the woods
Pundt Park
a dirt path in the woods with trees on both sides and one way sign at the end
Things to Do in Houston | Attractions, Places to Visit & Activities
Pundt Park
there is a small pond in the middle of the forest with rocks and plants around it
Mercer Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
there is a small creek in the middle of the woods with trees around it and a bench on the other side
Edith L Moore Nature Sanctuary
the inside of a building with large murals on the wall and doors leading into an open area
Delores Fenwick Nature Center in Pearland, TX. FREE Tuesday through Saturday. Freshwater, native fish aquarium Live animal exhibits, Touch table, Craft table, Interactive exhibits, Outdoor pavilion and porch with picnic tables and benches, 2 miles of walking/running trails, Native bird rookeries, Line & pole fishing, Edible Fruit Trail, Fitead bat colony )observation area
a dirt path in the middle of a forest
The Lone Star Hiking Trail
At 130 miles in length, the Lone Star Hiking Trail (LSHT) is indeed the longest wilderness hiking trail in the entire state of Texas.
a man with a backpack is standing next to a sign that says easy and scenic
Happy trails: Where to take a hike in Houston
There are plenty of scenic trails in and around Houston.
the top ten things to see in the national park infographical poster for hiking near houston
Things To Do In Houston | Ameritex | Entertainment Options
hiking near houston infographic
a woman walking down a trail in the woods with text where to hike near houston texas
Houston Day Trip: Hiking Sam Houston National Forest – It's Not Hou It's Me
Houston Day Trip: Hiking Sam Houston National Forest | It's Not Hou It's Me | Houston Lifestyle, Food and Culture Blog
a large tree sitting in the middle of a forest
Close to Home: 5 Best Parks in Tomball
Here are a few of Tomball’s best parks, all located within 15 miles.