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Dutchess and Marie - The Aristocats

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just a college disnerd, a lot of my way earlier stuff is original by me (though not the characters of course). let's be friends!



To many Marie, Berlioz and Toulouse might not be considered classic Disney characters, but when The Aristocats premiered way back, the film was enthusiastically received, particularly in Europe. I understand that by now Marie has become quite the star in Japan. Ken Anderson did tons of exploratory drawings of the kittens. These color sketches give you an idea about his process, and how he tried to differentiate the three from each other through proportions, attitudes and coloring. The…

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Aristocats Marie

Disney's Aristocats, Baby Marie.

Disney Mother’s Day Cards Sure to Warm Your Heart

Disney Mother's Day Cards Sure to Warm Your Heart | Oh My Disney

Disney Mother’s Day Cards Sure to Warm Your Heart

Marie - the Aristocats

Be a pirate or die

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disney aristocats marie

disney aristocats marie

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Smile: Marie - by Tsuneo Sanda

Marie (Aristocats) Disney art

Marie (Aristocats) Disney art

Marie Aristocats by Nicohitoride

Marie Aristocats by Nicohitoride on DeviantArt

Requested fanart doodle : Marie from The Aristocats Marie Aristocats

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