☢ Christiane Felscherinow in late 70's

☢ Christiane Felscherinow in late

☢ Babette Döge "Babsi" und Catherine Schabeck "Stella" in 1977.

☢ Babette Döge "Babsi" und Catherine Schabeck "Stella" in

☢ Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo in 1977.

☢ Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo in

☢ The Sound Diskothek in 1976.

☢ The Sound Diskothek in

☢ Kinderstrich in Kurfurstenstrasse.

☢ Kinderstrich in Kurfurstenstrasse.

☢ Christiane F. fashion icon.  Kinder vom bahnof zoo's styles.

FOREWORD: Royal Trux vocalist Jennifer Herrema was responsible for making the drawn-out undernourished ‘heroin chic’ look popular.

☢ Kinder vom Bahnhof Zoo und the Sound.

“ Françoise Hardy and Serge Gainsbourg Acne Studios / Needle Wet Cash Jean Acne Studios / Skin 5 Raw Jean Rafa Casellis Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy Valentine Fillol-Cordier, Proenza Schouler /.

West Berlin in the 70's

"Where are we now" is the latest song by David Bowie. It's a nostaligic look back at the old West Berlin. But what was the spirit of that town on the frontline between East and West?

☢ Christiane F. Social phenomenon.

☢ Christiane F.