Wie heeft deze niet gemaakt?

Pretty Paper Christmas Garland

Kickin it old school party decorations, Rainbow paper chains! making these! H, I wonder where I can find cheap coloured paper?

Beverly Hills 90210

Beverly Hills Have seen every episode. My favorite tv show of all time.

Herbata w metalowym koszyczku

Herbata w metalowym koszyczku Tea in a pretty metal basket


80 S, Childhood Memories, Grandmothers, Stationary, Polish, Remember This, Russia, Tin Cans, History

༺♥༻༺♥༻༺♥༻༺♥༻Prodiz w koncu znalazlam :) ༺♥༻༺♥༻༺♥༻༺♥༻

Prodiż - electric baker, used for "babka" my mom had one! She never used it, it burned everything in it, lol. My dad used it in his studio for heat treating amber