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Hahahhahahha any one get it

Funny one direction pic. The funny thing is that I like & The Wanted.<<<<OMG, I didn't know The Wanted still had fans. What even happened to The Wanted?

I dooooo! :(

but I will still love the boys no matter what. I just want the old boys back. Directioner stuffs is getting super duper drama-y recently<<<< agreed but I do miss the old boys very much

Haha! I actually saw a guy who looks just like Louis. I was at Six Flags (with @Amber Posey) when I saw him, and for a minute I was like "What in the world is Louis doing here?!" Then I realized it wasn't him. Just some guy lucky enough to look like him.

LOL For real ! And we WILL find you ! Because we're Directioners! If we can find the boys' blood types, we can find you boys.) WE GON FIND YOU