These Broken Stars

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Amie Kaufman
In the woods we return to reason and faith.                         --Ralph Waldo Emerson (via @Stephanie Lurie)

Windy Poplars Room

Ivan Shishkin “Stream by a Forest Slope”


Sunday night chinatown

Chinatown, Yokohama / 横浜中華街 Taken with Voigtländer Vito IIa.


Stand Tall and Shake the Heavens

Tumblr Blog

November, before the riots. (This Shattered World)

Urban Jungle by JonasDeRo on DeviantArt

Made today, about 9 hours. I had a lot of fun with the colors I can also tell you guys I'm working on something big next that will hopefully blow your m... Urban Jungle

Street Scene by artbytheo on DeviantArt

Street Scene PRINTS: This painting is available as a print through Galleria Nucleus: [link] Also check out the stereoscopic version: [link] Visit my web... Street Scene

Not exactly, but pretty god damn close!

Portal by arsenixc on DeviantArt

My old work (2006) for high speed modeling challenge RNTC (russian national time Challenge) A theme of competition « the Portal for moving ». Time spent... Portal

Corinth -- Cyberpunk, The “I’s” Have It by ~mutiny-in-the-air


The “I’s” Have It by ~mutiny-in-the-air


Mysterious Wetlands: The Gateway by FerdinandLadera on DeviantArt

Just a quick sketch... Mysterious Wetlands: The Gateway

Summer 1 by AlanWind on DeviantArt

DD! Wow, I don `t know what to say. If you like a lot of my work, I am happy Summer 1

Avon Space Port

The Magi - Space port by bradwright on DeviantArt

Huge space port were the journey starts The Magi - Space port

Forest Wreck by steve-burg on DeviantArt

Thank goodness for custom brushes in painting all those plants! Forest Wreck

The Rift

Portal by ChrisCold on DeviantArt

Some kind of portal-ish thingie whatever The base render was pretty old (made it few months ago) and actually i wanted to submit it long ago but kept it... Portal

Fight of the Fallen by arcipello on DeviantArt

Yet another magazine image i created for Capcom's upcoming game title Bionic Commando. ingame model as base - Painter & Photoshop used. Fight of the Fallen


MEGACITY v.1 by angelitoon on DeviantArt

After a long time without posting anything, (I've been pretty busy lately) I take this occasion to thank all the support watchers. Now are over 4000 peo... MEGACITY v.1