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a black and white photo of a butterfly skull
Gutterfly by megavolkan on DeviantArt
Gutterfly by megavolkan
the back side of a drawing of a dragon's head with wings on it
Учимся рисовать аниме /drawing anime
Больше в телеге
an image of a woman with colorful hair on her head in the middle of water
Gina Kiel
an orange and green object on a red background with some black circles in the middle
hagihara takuya
萩原 卓哉/Hagihara Takuya Archive
Art, Traditional Art, Pretty Art
Skeleton painting by sackofsquan on DeviantArt
an image of the moon in the night sky with stars on its side and black background
Good Night Moon..... | I didn't know it was impossible.. and I did it :-) - No sabia que era imposible.. y lo hice :-)
Porque si se mira de cerca se puede ver Venus a la izquierda de la luna, pues ella es la luz más brillante del cielo nocturno y trae los sueños más dulces a los que siguen su belleza radiante. Dulces sueños y buenas noches....