More ideas from Ania
A very nice piece of kitchen wall art - Beef chart. Poster with a butcher's chart of different beef cuts, both attractive and useful in the kitchen. The clean design fits in every kitchen. In the category Kitchen art you can find more posters in a matching style so that you can combine several designs in a collage.

Nice kitchen Poster with beef chart, butcher chart of beef. We have more posters for the kitchen with different cuts of beef, chicken, lamb and pork that goes well with a clean and modern design.

Kitchen poster with pork cuts chart. Description of the different cuts of pork in white on a pig silhouette. It looks great paired with our other kitchen posters of the same style, such as our red wine guide.

Butcher cuts poster with different cuts of pork. Stylish black and white print for the kitchen. Fits well with our other posters with cuts of beef. Buy stylish kitchen art and prints online.