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The Path

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Frankincense resin 1oz with charcoal disk frankincense | Etsy
Lavender Smudge Stick dried lavender bundle lavender | Etsy
White Sage and Palo Santo Incense Sticks 6 White Sage | Etsy


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Spiritual meme. Starseed quote
Are you a starseed child? Then this quote is for you. #starseedquotes #starseedspeople #starseedspleiadian #star child #indigo #chrystal #rainbow #starchilduniverse
Exiting The Matrix Archives - In5D : In5D


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Hemp Oil Sativa Mugwort Oil | Etsy
Cannabis Sativa Rose Oil | Etsy
Mugwort Double Infused Highly Concentrated Oil-1 oz.Liver | Etsy

things to invest in

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Huge Size Natural Iolite Quartz Yoni Eggs Hand Made Yoni Eggs | Etsy


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Thunderbird shapeshifting to human form
The Jackalope statue, Douglas, Wyoming
Bellerophon and the Chimaera

27 mythical creatures

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Image result for Book of Shadows Pages to Print
3 Unique Ways To Use Mirrors In Your Magic

miscellaneous tools of the trade

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How To Make & Use A Magic Wand // Witchcraft // The Traveling Witch


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Jaguar Gargoyle Figurine: Myth & Monster Gifts & Collectibles: FairyGlen.com

Guardian Possibilities

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Soul Trees Oracle Cards | Etsy

oracle cards

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LARGE Antiqued Tarot Card Deck COLOR TINTED 22 Major Arcana | Etsy
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Tarot Deck Major Arcana Portal to the Stars | Etsy

tarot cards

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inner peace mojo bags
mojo money sign
Spells & Magic Archives - Page 3 of 6 - Moody Moons

witchy gifts

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How to wear magick - witchy bohemian clothing etc.

sneaky magics

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How To Use The 22 Cards Of The Major Arcana In Magic // Witchcraft // The Traveling Witch
Learn how to make the most of the Virgo New Moon this weekend. Gain spiritual insights with the Reversed Quint Tarot Spread.
Tarot Journaling: 5 Ways It Can Make You An Amazing Card Reader // Witchcraft // Magic // The Traveling Witch

tarot wisdom

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Bird Animal Totems: Bobolink, Doves, Crow, Raven, Eagle, Grouse, Crane, Loon, Magpie, Sparrow and MORE animal totems to teach and awaken the soul through the wisdom of Feathers, Directions, along with Animal Dictionaries.
There are various types of Toucans and their sizes can range from 29 cm to the largest toucan which is 63 cm. This creature represents communication and self-confidence since this bird is one of the noisiest and loudest creature of the forest. He can be identified with a single cry of his voice. Furthermore, its colorful physical look and its huge bill denote its strong

totems and spirit animals

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The Laws of Magic                                                                                                                                                                                 More


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runic symbols

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By valerie walker, text and illustrations ©2004-2005 - The Iron and Pearl Pentacles are a set of meditational devices originating in and characteristic of, but no longer exclusively confined to, Feri. Victor Anderson's original teachings combined the Iron and Pearl Pentacles (then known as Pentagrams) into one Decagram, whose points were read around the figure, Pearl first, thus: Love, Wisdom, Knowledge, Law, Liberty, Sex, Self, Passion, Pride, and Power.
Holy Feri Grail... Copper.

pagan iconography

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DIY spell idea for water signs and sea witches.
Make writer's block go away with this magical spell bag to get creative again.
Spells and divination can be done with just about anything and anywhere. What about spells with your daily coffee? Coffee spells & divination can be done any way you want and any time of…


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Mahogany Tree Seedlings: Tips For Growing Mahogany From Seed
Salamander - Elemental Beings

the fae

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WHICH IS YOUR LIFE LINE? Read your Fate here: http://www.magicalrecipesonline.com/2016/04/basic-palmistry-initiation-to-art-of.html <3 Magical Recipes Online​
Fortune telling hand * Arielle Gabriel who gives free travel advice at The China Adventures of Arielle Gabriel writes of mystical experiences during her financial disasters in The Goddess of Mercy & The Dept of Miracles including the opening of her heart chakra *
Poster | PALMISTRY - SUBWAY STYLE von Jazzberry Blue | more posters at http://moreposter.de


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The Occult Anatomy - translated and updated. Your input would be appreciated.
Blocks and shadows in Pearl
Blocks and shadows: the Iron Pentacle

chakras and energy

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As it brings about a surge in one's energy, moldavite stone is popularly known as the celestial 'stone of transformation'. This CrystalBenefits post enlists the several metaphysical and healing properties of moldavite stone.
information on African Turquoise


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Astrology Zodiac Signs
find out your moon sign


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Want to learn about the lost civilization of the Isle of Avalon? Read about its origins and how to do Avalonian magic with the gods and plants from Avalon.
the pre-historic mound of Dinas Dinlle near the Menai Strait

pagan places

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Khione déesse grecque de la carte de voeux hiver par EmilyBalivet
Original Artwork: Arianrhod’s Sky by Selena Fenech - "Women of the Celts: the Welsh Goddess Arianrhod – Bad Mother or Mythic Goddess?"
Find out more about Iris, Goddess of the rainbow and servant to the Gods.


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