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Bracken and Kendra

Fablehaven Gift by pandaloverlol<<Bracken actually looks nice!

Naiad by Catherine Nodet  In Greek Mythology, the Naiads were a type of  nymph who presided over fountains, wells, springs, streams, and brooks. They were known to be very ancient spirits that inhabited the still waters of marshes, ponds and lagoon-lakes. The essence of a Naiad was bound to her spring, so if a Naiad’s body of water dried, she would die.

Naiad - Naiad's, or nymph's, are Greek nature spirits. Some can transform to into trees, others are connected to the water. Their intents can be both evil and good, but most water naiads are associated with drowning passers by.

fablehaven movie cast - Google Search

fablehaven movie cast - Google Search

seths captured fairy -fablehaven before picture

DeviantArt: More Like Fablehaven: Hugo and Mendigo by darlinginc

fablehaven bracken and Gavin. Have you noticed Kendra never has regular humans crushing on her?

fablehaven book 2

Rise of the Evening Star