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Amelia Plichta

Amelia Plichta
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Kittens at the milk pail. Adorable.

They're so cute, but cows milk is very bad for animals because their digestive systems can't handle it and it causes diarrhea. Fresh milk for the farm kittens

Sun Bear with Amazingly Long Tongue. They have a comically long tongue for extracting honey.

Sun bears (Southeast Asia) have extremely long tongues that can reach up to 10 inches in length. They are also quite sticky and are used to extract honey from beehives as well as lap up termites, ants, and other insects.

Ohhhh WOW! Pattern at its finest in nature, green with exuberant frivolous delight ||| gorgeous green peacock #pattern #design

Previous pinner: Peacock’s beautiful colors. Me: The color-tweakers are at it again. AND the people who have never seen a regular blue peacock or green peafowl and/or never paid attention and/or will believe any fool thing they see online.