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statek kosmiczny - YouTube

statek kosmiczny - YouTube

NYANG NYANG NYANG!- wise words Paper Jam Dipper by Kawiku

- wise words Paper Jam Dipper by Kawiku-----there was this girl at school making that noise and I leaned over to a guy I knew watched Gravity Falls and said "She sounds like Paper Jam Dipper.

leo and blake 3 - 2/5 by on @DeviantArt

the second of the request round ".Let's see now, I would like to see a Merman Leo or Blake, or both! XD Or Blake wearing something smexy that m. leo and blake 3 -

diddly by Niscient on DeviantArt

I've only seen like 2 or something series of gravity falls (not in order) buutttttt I do know why this is a ship.