Amelia Głowacka

Amelia Głowacka

Amelia Głowacka
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This was just a random doodle i decided to draw in class Pin


humor y risa

So accurate!

the face for president snow XD!

yup can totally see that happening

Why does Spencer use weird stuff to build stuff like a spoon hat? <------- what else would u use to build a spoon hat then spoons?




Haaa that's so funny lol

Perfect :)

Well said Squidward. Well said.


If you understand this, you are a true Hunger Games fan, and I love you. <<< I get it, but I'm not exactly sure you would call me a TRUE hunger games fan

Wilczki by on @deviantART

Wilczki by Fukari on DeviantArt // I really love her art style!

Short hair by Fukari on deviantART

few days ago&nbsp;asked me for permission to cosplay my OC Off at one con in Prague. I find it super-cool and drew that quick pict of my skinny-dark-princess in clothes, that Kir.