Lady Washington

"The Lady Washington" A beautiful wooden tall ship. San Francisco Bay near San Francisco, California: Photograph taken October

Replica La Pinta - Palos de la Frontera

Learn about the Age of Exploration, Columbus and da Gama with Flocabulary's educational rap song and lesson plan.

Lisa von Lübeck

Lisa von Lübeck

Sebbe Als

Viking Age Sebbe Als is a replica of a Viking ship, Skuldelev wreck no. She is the oldest sailing 'fiver' in Denmark.

USS Constitution -1997

USS Constitution underway in Boston Harbor, 21 July with six sails set and a crowd of civilian boats in the background with passengers observing. US Navy photo by Todd Stevens.

Amsterdam - (Ship replica)

Discover 500 years of maritime history in 'Het Scheepvaartmuseum' and visit a real ship.

Susan Constant - (Replica ship) 

This is a replica of the Susan Constant, and represents what many of the supply ships looked like that went to Jamestown from England.

Batavia (replica) - in Netherlands

Replica of the VOC vessel "Batavia" This Day in History: Mar Dutch East India Company



HMS Surprise

Your Complete Guide to British Themed Tourist Attractions Located in the United States: Master and Commander Ship Calls San Diego home

Kolumbus "Santa Maria" - Replica of 1892

Kolumbus "Santa Maria" - Replica of