Aquamarine on Albite

Aquamarine on Albite - Shigar Valley, Northern Areas, Pakistan

Cobaltoan Calcite

Beautiful Minerals — bijoux-et-mineraux: Cobaltoan Calcite - Agoudal.



Elbaite with Lepidolite

elbaite (rubellite) with lepidolite USA california san diego pala stewart mine 30

Chrysocolla covered with quartz

Image about Gemstones, by Vivian Jackowski - Science and nature

Calcite on hemispheroidal Fluorite with Hematite on Quartz

Fluorine Botroidale rouge sur Calcite et Géode de Quartz de Mahodari Mine…

Amethyst with a Citrine

What a great crystal this would be to have for Sabbats! It is amethyst with a citrine crystal growing right in the center like a candle burning brightly.

Covellite with accenting Pyrite crystals

Super glossy, iridescent blades of Covellite with Pyrite crystal accenting :: From the Calabona Mine, Alghero, Sardinia, Italy.