Gareth Pugh.... vents and openings... metamorphosis... of the garments through out the evening..

Sculptural Fashion - futuristic monochrome dress with layered surface construction. Design by Gareth Pugh.

Now that's a shirt ... Via @morgane.nicolas

Sweatshirts and hoodies will be a vast trend this spring but rather than making them with the clothing item that you set on as an afterthought, make t.

OOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! I could see this character being some sort of ominous spirit of the damned or something

Photographer- Kenny McCracken Designer- Eaton Nott from Dark Beauty Magazine. Hair crown Couldn't resist

Coroa Thai - Keka - Headdress

zen and the art of darkness, costume inspiration

Hussein Chalayan at Paris Fall 2016 (Details)

Hussein Chalayan at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016

Three's such a crowd You oughta tell me what you tell yourself You ever gonna speak it aloud? Do I have to guess like everyone else?

Theo-Mass in Givenchy and headpiece by Rein Vollenga photographed by Stelios Kallinikou

Nicholas Alan Cope and Dustin Edward Arnold

☫ A Veiled Tale ☫ wedding, artistic and couture veil inspiration - Nicholas Alan Cope & Dustin Edward Arnold : Vedas

Yang Li at Paris Fall 2016 (Details)

Yang Li at Paris Fashion Week Fall 2016

Love the tattered sweater top part with the silky long sleeves underneath - Yang Li Fall 2016


Vedas is an ongoing collaboration between Nicholas Alan Cope & Dustin Edward Arnold, which challenge ideas of what is acceptable vs what is possible.