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an ice cream container with two scoops of ice cream in it
there are some chopsticks sticking out of the food in the bowl and sauce on top
two bowls filled with soup and dumplings on top of a table next to drinks
lawsonn uhuyy post by me:) | Makanan estetika, Ide makanan, Makanan dan minuman
a blue bowl filled with seafood and vegetables
a large pizza sitting on top of a cardboard box next to a slice missing from it
two sandwiches are wrapped in plastic on the table
a white bowl filled with dumplings covered in sauce and seasoning next to an orange container
baso aci snapgram
a plastic container filled with rice and meat
Soto jumat berkah
a mcdonald's bag sitting on the back of a car next to two cups
a chicken sandwich with cheese and lettuce in a styrofoam container
a box filled with lots of donuts on top of a table
several skewers of food being cooked in a pan with chopsticks sticking out of them
chopsticks and noodles in a takeout container on a table with other food items
Mie Iblis