Gender Binary

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Just as tasty as a gingerbread person - no need to discriminate.

Breaking through the binary: Gender explained using continuums - ❤ It's Pronounced Metrosexual

Gender is something everyone thinks they understand, but most people really don't. Here, it's broken into three categories: identity, expression, and sex. It's less "this or that" and more "this and that."

This video explains many different gender identities and validates them all. It also promotes open communication to involve everyone, regardless of their role. Great introductory video to understanding to concepts of gender binary and how we can get rid of it!


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Powerful story regarding gender binary from the perspective of a man - more specifically a woman who identifies as a man. Provokes a different viewpoint of our society's depiction of males and females.

I Will Never Fit Into the Gender Binary

I went to a department store today to buy some button down shirts. When I looked around for fitting rooms, I saw some across the store by the women’s section. After a moment of looking around…

This post does an excellent job of explaining the difference between sex, gender, and sexuality, which many seem to use interchangeably.

This post does an excellent job of explaining the difference between sex, gender, and sexuality, which many seem to use interchangeably.

Children are interviewed regarding gender roles. This video displays distinct separation between genders at an early age.

Gender Roles-Interviews with Kids

A great example of children before they've grown into adults and have been completely socially engineered and manipulated, generation by generation. You will...

The simple solution to confusing washroom signs.

Solution for the “Confusing” Gender Neutral Toilet Sign Issue - ❤ It's Pronounced Metrosexual

When you really think about it, all toilets are gender neutral.

Powerful five minute film, showing the transformation of a young woman who identifies as a man.

Break Free - Ruby Rose

A short film about gender roles, Trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo. Written/Produced/Strarring: Ruby Rose Musi...

Ruby Rose publicly welcoming everyone at the MTV EMAs by addressing "ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in-between".

Ruby Rose flew the flag for gender fluidity at the EMAs, and Twitter loved it

The OITNB actress welcomed 'ladies and gentlemen, and everyone in-between' to the show

Children toys are more gender based than ever. Parents play a big role in stereotyping at a young age.

The problem with separate toys for girls and boys - The Boston Globe

What started our obsession with assigning gender to playthings, and how can parents combat it?

Lingerie line promotes LGBTQ by holding a photo shoot. Good way to show that the media often forgets to include everyone in their ads. Gender binary 0 - Bluestockings Boutique 1.

Bluestockings Boutique Released A Body Positive Trans-Inclusive Lingerie Lookbook

In its latest body positive and trans-inclusive lookbook, the LGBTQIA+-focused lingerie retailer Bluestockings Boutique is challenging beauty standards by creating an alternative narrative to the mainstream lingerie shoot, which more often than not…

Gender binary is a spectrum: there are male and female on either end, with endless variations in between. Society should not rule out these options.

The Gender Binary System Sucks | Serendip Studio

Serendip Studio is a digital ecosystem for exploring, a collaborative learning community, for fun and questioning fellow travelers.

Congratulations to OSCVI for being the most recent high school in my hometown to introduce a gender-neutral bathroom! Great way to bring awareness to LGBTQ and include all students, regardless of how they identify.

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It's 2015, so why haven't we put an end to gender binary in the media yet?

Beyond the Binary: What the Media Gets Wrong About the "Trans Tipping Point" | Creative Time Reports

It's a moment of unprecedented visibility for some transgender celebrities, but Alok Vaid-Menon reminds us that individuals who are gender-nonconforming still face harassment, hostility, and fear.

It shocks me that nearly half of the people involved in this poll only recognize two genders.

It shocks me that nearly half of the people involved in this poll only recognize two genders.

Young child's Halloween costume sparks controversy. Due to this child having two fathers, many assumed he was guided to dress as a woman. Newsflash: Halloween is for dressing as something you're not. On another note, it's none of our business and we should not be commenting on his life, but that's beside the point. End gender binary!

Dad Defends His Son's Cruella Halloween Costume From 'Small-Minded' Bigots

“It’s very typical for people to assume that because he has two dads, that we somehow guided him in this direction."

Gender neutral clothing on the rise to combat early generalization of gender roles in young children.

Parents Combat Gender Stereotypes With Futuristic Kids' Clothing Line

Designer Tiffe Fermaint and her fiancᅢᄅ Keith Walker hope that their kids' clothing line will provide a cool alternative to the countless children's bran...