First birthday

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a pink cake decorated with strawberries and daisies
a pink cake with strawberries on it sitting on top of a white pedestal next to a pink wall
Lil Strawberry Cake
a cake shaped like the number one made out of fruit on a wooden platter
Number cake #1
someone is cutting into a cake with rainbows on it
Buttercream Rainbow Tutorial - Cake by Courtney
some ice cream cones are wrapped in plastic
10 First Birthday Ideas for Girls
there is a cake with pink bows on it and flowers in vases behind it
Elle's Blush and Bows Third Birthday Party - Born on Fifth
a white cake with pink bows on top sitting on a glass platter next to a balloon
A Spring 1st Birthday Party As Featured By The Nashville Baby Guide | Everyday Is A Gift | Nashville Newborn And Nashville Family Photographer Dolly DeLong Photography