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four different colored lanyards are sitting on a table
Diy Macrame Keychain Tutorial 2023 |Macrame Keychain Holder New Design | Macrame Heart |Home Decor
five different colors of macrame are hanging from hooks on a marble counter top
Macrame Keychain Boho Keychain Wristlet Wristlets Keyfobs Lanyard Wristlet Wallet
Handmade Macrame Keychain - Comes in 5 different colors! Each keychain is made with 3 mm cotton cording and a 1" wide copper swivel lobster clasp. The length of the keychain loop is 6 inches. 7 inches total including the clasp. Customization requests are always welcome just send me a message! Thank you for your business! View more products in my shop: https://www.etsy.com/shop/WildandCoShop
four different colored crocheted lanyards on a white surface
a hand holding a key chain with tassels on it and other items in the background
four different colored tassels on a wooden tray
Easy Macrame Keychain Tutorial
several different colored tassels hanging on a white sheet with gold rings and chains
crocheted scissors are lined up on a wooden table next to a small pumpkin
DIY MACRAME KEYCHAINS | Patterns for Beginners and Beyond
Makramee Schlüsselanhänger
an orange and white tasseled keychain on a wooden surface
DIY Macrame Tassel Keychain
Amigurumi Passo a Passo - SEM ENROLAÇÃO!
Já pensou em ganhar uma renda extra fazendo amirugumi? Você pode trabalhar de casa, distrair a mente e ainda ganhar dinheiro com isso! Clique no link para saber como. #ganhardinheiroemcasa #artesanatofácil #artesanatosdiferentes #diy #façavocêmesmo #façaevenda #amigurumi #amigurumideanimaisdecrochê #amigurumipassoapasso #croche#amigurumilove #amigurumis #amigurumiaddict #amigurumitoy #amigurumipattern #amigurumitoys #amigurumicrochet #amigurumibrasil
crocheted key chains with tassels and hearts on them are arranged in rows
Пин от пользователя Marta Denegri на доске macramé | Макраме уроки, Модели браслетов, Брелок