Komandor Shepard

Komandor Shepard

Komandor Shepard
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Her reflection is the darker side of her mind. In the light she looks normal to all of us. Its behind the closed door the reflection really shows.

May, she is a spirit of protection. Her master set her free and she became human but still had her Spirit Powers. Her power contains force fields.

ADOPTED Jade is an axe-murderer. She is only 14 the people in town call her the two faced demon. When you hear her song say your prayers for your time is up.


"Chain Chronicle" Character introduction · Wizard of wizards: Introducing magical witches such as Aldra, Cary, Uni, Katia

Anime Escape

"XANDRA, WHAT DID YOU DO?" Connor screams, loud enough for the entire country of Japan to hear. I just wanted to go a lighter color and dye my hair pink, I didn't change everything!