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an old fashioned camera with two cameras attached to it
Photo by Marcus Bengtsson on Unsplash
Camera, electronics, video camera and gun | HD photo by Marcus Bengtsson (@marcus_be) on Unsplash
a person holding a camera in front of some tall grass
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an old style projector sitting on top of a tripod mounted to a wall
Bolex 150 Super S8 camera 1967
Bolex 150 Super S8 camera 1967
a close up of a camera on a table in a room with other items behind it
Beaulieu 4008 ZMII
cinetinker: Beaulieu 4008 ZMII
a close up of a camera on a white surface with a lens attached to it
Super 8 Camera In Search Of A Good Home
Super 8 Camera, The French-made 4008 is one of my two favorite Super 8 cameras The 4008 was introduced in the early 1970s with several semi-pro features including a stunning Schneider Kreuznach interchangeable lens and manual film speed adjustment, which comes in incredibly handy when using modern high speed negative film.
an old fashioned camera sitting in front of a box
Kodak Instamatic M24 Movie Camera - Super 8
Kodak Instamatic M24 Movie Camera - Super 8
a woman holding a camera up to her face with the lens in front of her
Archive opens doors to restoring films made by The Doors members - Daily Bruin
Jim Morrison and Ray Manzarek are best known as the founding band members of The Doors. But many do not know that their friendship dates back to their time as…
an old fashioned camera being held by someone
Power super 8 500 camera.
a camera sitting on top of a table next to a black background with the words canon 1014m - 2
Super 8 Cameras- The Max1014xls is the amazing Canon 1014 XLS rebuilt and updated by our in-house team of technicians with decades of experience. We repair all aspects of the camera, artfully re-crafting its internal-structure and features so that you are getting the very best camera with characteristics that surpass the original specifications. All cameras are sold fully film-tested and ready to go!
an old fashioned movie projector with a reel attached to the front and side of it
Bell and Howell 8mm projector
an old fashioned camera attached to a wall
an instruction manual for the canon sound 7500 stereo and tape recorder with reels
two pictures of an old fashioned camera
Soviet Super 8 Movie Cameras
Clockwork Super 8
an old camera sitting on top of a wooden table
Midcentury Vintage Movie Camera. Super 8 Film Camera. Revere | Etsy
midcentury vintage movie camera. super 8 film camera. revere cine zoom model 114.