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chocolate and green swirled marshmallows on top of each other in a bowl
Army Themed Party Ideas (Fun Games & Decorations)
Camouflage Rice Krispie Treats
many items are sitting on the ground near plants
Military party
there is a table with plates and cups on it, along with other items from the party
Camo Birthday Party Ideas
a jar filled with army items and a sign that says how many army men in the jar
two wooden boxes sitting on top of a hard wood floor next to a wall with the words dangerous cargo written on them
Faux / Fake Cargo Box hauling some frightening cargo!
a table topped with lots of balloons next to a wall covered in greenery and other decorations
cardboard boxes stacked on top of each other in front of the words cargo loading safari party game ideas
Safari Birthday Party Game | Cargo Loading - A Cotton Kandi Life
Cargo Loading may be the best and easiest Safari Birthday Party Game ever! Collect a few boxes and let the kids do the rest. I picked up a few things from Dollar Tree but this game was by far the most cheap nad easy birthday party game I've ever done. * Safari Birthday Party Games. Group Games for VBS. VBS Theme Activities. Jungle Cruise Birthday Party Ideas.
a sign that says welcome soldiers on it next to some signs with arrows pointing in different directions
Army Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 52 of 59
a sign that says command and post hanging from a rope in front of a tent
Army Boot Camp Birthday Party Ideas | Photo 5 of 28
10th Birthday Army Boot Camp | CatchMyParty.com
two brown bags with the words mr and mrs on them sitting in a wooden crate
MASH BASH theme party M*A*S*H air soft ideas sweet 16 party for boys