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Breathe--Taylor Swift. Annabeth singing it while Percy's missing. I think I'm gonna go sob like a baby now.

I always through that Without You from Rent was a very good song about Percy leaving

Except I feel like Percy wouldn't get all angry like that he would just get really sad and depressed like none of it was real? and start crying and OH MY BABIES

He'd cry not get angry. And she'd feel so bad and just hug him like "no, I'm engaged to you! You threw an apple at me! That's a proposal in Greece! Percy stop crying please I love you"

And loyal!! Note: This is a spoiler for anyone who has NOT read The Mark of Athena By Rick Riordan.

I honestly believe that Percy falling into Tartarus with Annabeth was the most honorable, brave, and herioc thing any demigod has ever done.

This was always one of the most powerful moments of the books for me. When he and Annabeth both had to do this... bear with the pain of that. It was heartbreaking for them and for the readers, but at the same time, it gave them something... I think that perhaps it strengthened them both. I absolutely HATE that the grey streak of hair that Perce and Annabeth both got was never mentioned again. And that so many fan artists forget to add it in.

Ok I'm a daughter of Poseidon, Percy is my big bro ;) (I wish) Annabeth is my bestie. Lived at camp half blood for 5 years :) love to swim, duh, me and Percy share blackjack (he likes me more ;)) I have a not so secret crush on Leo

AWWW! So sweet. If you dont get it, read Percy Jackson and the olympians Then read heroes of olympus

So sweet. If you dont get it, read Percy Jackson and the olympians Then read heroes of olympus -------- AWWWW! They even added her gray hair that her and percy both have!

percy jackson quotes mark of athena - Google Search

I seriously love the books and the movie they are amazing! If you don't know this quote you are not a true Percy Jackson fan.<<<<<Hate to break it to ya but. The movie wasn't HALF of the book.