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a drawing of a heart with flowers in the shape of a human heart on a white background
an image of various stickers on a wall
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a skeleton and sunflowers with butterflies in the background
four framed wooden signs with the words live, love, and bonsai written on them
Creative Wedding Photographer Cotswolds - Amber Marie Photography
Love this way to number tables at weddings
a computer screen with an image of a musical instrument and hot air balloons in the sky
Creativity Is A Choice: How You Can Paint Your Own 'Mona Lisa'
Selon moi cette oeuvre est fait au crayons de bois. Les couleurs sont chaudes, car les teintes se situent dans le mauve et un peu dans le rouge. En observant cette oeuvre, je déduis que l'artiste à voulu représenter ou nous faire comprendre que la musique peut nous emporter dans un monde imaginaire que nous pouvons nous même créer. J'aime cette oeuvre car je trouve qu'elle me représente car lorsque j'écoute de la musique, celle-ci m'emporte avec elle. More
a drawing of a heart with flowers on it
a drawing of a person with a cassette on their head
X.Lan - Xemotion
a drawing of a skeleton with roses on it's chest and arms, in the shape of a human rib cage
a drawing of a person sitting on the ground with headphones over their ears and wearing a hat that says we are human mashed generation
Brain-washed generation
the skeleton is holding flowers in it's hand
You want me to be completely honest? I, always, have been terrified of love. To slow dance with bliss and the prevailing chance of complete misery. Knowing that, it will either save me or it will cripple me. For if there is one thing beautiful in this crumbling world: It is love. The curling of souls. But god, if there is one thing horrific in it, too, then it is mostly surely loving something with your entirety only to have it all vanish away within the hint of a second.