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#ende Strati uniformi con forma geometrica del cubo , sfumatura raffinata dal basso nuca al vertice , ogni lavoro ha le giuste misure per essere Sartoriale...P.P.F.F...Maestro D'arte Anam @luigidejavu10saloon ... The best Saloon 2018....Design By.I.Dejavu cut 3.3から三浦・三崎下町で開催されるアートフェス『下町ワンダートリップ』に、横須賀、三浦在住のハーフの人を撮った写真展『mixture』を出展します��‍♂️ ヘアーと写真を通じて、この街の時代背景を感じてもらえればと思っています☆ photo @arilens213 cut Dedicato a @triomedusa stampa digitale t-shirt in HD è un bellissimo quadro canvas 70x50 fatto… -OUirzbKjAgQ VZkE3G-5PMI AAAAAAAAJ8g Y6hDC5-OGW0 s1600 ananas.... - DIY Fashion Pictures -OUirzbKjAgQ VZkE3G-5PMI AAAAAAAAJ8g Y6hDC5-OGW0 s1600 ananas.jpg

Why this Scene Looks so Amazing

The dog characters in Lady & the Tramp were drawn extremely carefully. The design style called for dimensional realism like the film Bambi, years earlier. This is one of the most iconic scenes in Disney animation, and one of the most beloved. Many of you know that Frank Thomas animated this masterpiece. Two dogs falling in love while eating spaghetti with meatballs. It turned out to be one of those Thomas scenes that shows a kind of life that becomes detached from the animator. These…