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the back side of a computer screen with text on it and an image of a man in
two tweets that are on the same page, one is asking to someone
romantic love isn't the only kind of love we can have
a text message that reads, i'm really happy to be there
an image of a page with the text in red and green, on top of it
This is so accurate! And it is a shame because white "allies" end up being so mean to potential future white allies by shaming them for this that they destroy future potential allies. I have seen it happen!
an image of different types of boats in the ocean
I Am Not Your Teachable Moment - Everyday Feminism
the tweet is being posted on twitter
Jac on X
an image of some cartoon characters in different stages of being depicted on the same page
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What are some cool psychological hacks
You Dont Want Me, Emotional Health, Mental And Emotional Health, It Hurts, Guilt, Trauma, I Can Relate
Its not a sunset but figured you may like this moon picture i took
the text in this document is very large and has many different colored lines on it
we as humans are always learning
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The Amazons’ New Clothes