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three fold brochures with different font and numbers on them, one in yellow and the other in pink
Business Design News & Trends | Fast Company
The OpenTable of doctor's appointments gets a new logo that tries to make health care seem more human.
a yellow and blue logo with the letter z on it
How Wolff Olins aims to make Zocdoc the face of healthcare – literally
The new identity for the US healthcare company is based on a logo depicting an ever-changing face. It's very clever but we wonder will the US public get it?
two shields and an arrow on a blue background
LORENSEGS Insurance Company // Identity by IndustriaHED™ Branding Co., via Behance
the logo for sparkly, a new technology company
Logopond - Logo, Brand & Identity Inspiration
Glug Ident
the word kim written in white on a purple background
Logo Collection 2019
Logo Collection 2019 on Behance
a green background with a yellow smiley face and the words sorry prat on it
Innove Odonto | Logo
six different images of women jumping in the air with their arms and legs spread out
Dra. Fernanda Rubio Branding
Dra. Fernanda Rubio Branding on Behance
the logo for bgoddle, an internet platform that allows people to use their phone
Show me the Boodle
New Logo and Identity for Boodle by Xfacta
the logo for igloo is shown next to an image of circles on a white and blue background
Top 20 Creative Logos of the Week #11 | by Olha Bahaieva | Aug, 2020 | Muzli - Design Inspiration
a purple background with the words take time for yi in white letters on top of it
Have you seen this before?
Have you seen this before? by Jon Stapp | atomicvibe | Dribbble
the logo for kind is shown in two different colors
Brand identity for in-home carer startup. Huge props to my friend @Damian Kidd for his valuable help in this logotype.
two different logos with the word do and smiley face on them, one in yellow and red
do.di (Faux app brand)
do.di (Faux app brand) by Designer Here on Dribbble
the logo for happy house security is shown in three different colors and styles, including blue
Happy House Security - Logo Concept Design
Happy House Security - Logo Concept Design by Sitnic Dumitru
three different types of blue and white logos with the words pine tree, pine tress,
Form Fields Projects :: Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding
Insurance Logo projects | Photos, videos, logos, illustrations and branding on Behance Very well thought out abstract/graphical logo