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the simpsons is standing in front of a whiteboard with words on it that say,
Memy 4
an animated character with two different expressions and the caption says system edukaci
Polonistyczne memy 3
two women sitting on a couch one is wearing a headscarf and the other has a scarf over her head
two different pictures with one person on a boat and the other is in a boat
Piraci z Karaibów Memy ✔
a poster with an image of a man wearing sunglasses and the caption reads,
karuzela smiechu
four different pictures of a man holding something in his hand
✝️ Czarny Humor ✝️
a white and black cat is looking at the camera
Memy To Życie. Po prostu. - Memy #więzienie
the cat is looking at its reflection in the mirror and it's not afraid to see him
Memy 2
the simpsons is holding up a sign that reads, keep w konicu zebrables sie za sprazanne pokoju
Memy dla Polonii
a person holding a wooden cross in front of their face and the caption reads, kidy mama waca do domu a yy zaponnates
Memy :D {Zakończone}
a dog is walking on the ground with its mouth open
a man with oxygen in his mouth next to a bottle of water and an oxygen mask
Czarny humor 2
a man standing in front of a group of kids
two cell phones that have been smashed in half
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