We’ve been doing a bit more organizing and de-junking this summer and my kids have a lot of little items.  You know — tiny legos, itty bitty Polly Pockets, those little rubber bands for the Rainbow Loom, crayons, etc.  And since all of those small pieces need a little container of some kind to keep …

Give markers, colored pencils, and crayons a travel-friendly container (not like those cardboard boxes that tear and fall apart). The bottle exterior gives it structure, while colorful zippers makes it sealable. Get the tutorial at Make It

Creative Washi Tape Design | DIY Clothespin Magnets by DIY Ready at http://diyready.com/100-creative-ways-to-use-washi-tape/

100 Washi Tape Ideas To Style And Personalize Your Items

Washi tapes are colorful and decorative masking tape-like tapes that you can use in tons of craft projects. Here's a list of washi tape ideas you can try!

Washi tape...

A whole assortment of washi tape DIY ideas for quick but beautiful crafting.

Doodlecraft: Washi Tape Bookmarks!

DIY, Upcycled, home decor and Kids crafts galore! I love sci-fi/fantasy geekery too! Doctor who, star wars and My little pony are favorites!

How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies. Easy tips for choosing quality products, reusing items, looking in your own stash & other money saving ideas. #BTS #BacktoSchool #Savings http://stagetecture.com/2014/08/save-money-back-school-supplies/

How to Save Money on Back to School Supplies

Back to School : Games DECORATIVE PENCILS Let the kids decorate some pencils for their school supplies. Its a very simple activity - which makes it great for kids. Just let the kids cut off stripes to wrap around their pencils for a fun and unique penci

Posted by The Crafted Sparrow Rebecca Lopez at 3:32 PM Vegetable cans covered in colorful duct tape

The Crafted Sparrow: Washi Tape Tin Cans: use for decorating table maybe for Fall Party, add candy like pixie sticks, lollipops, etc.