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a red and white house with candy canes on it
two tall candy canes decorated with bows and snow balls are sitting on a table
95+ Awesome Outdoor Decorations for Christmas
some candy canes are hanging on the wall
a large ginger standing in the snow next to a potted plant and brick building
a group of christmas houses with lights and decorations on top of each other in front of a fireplace
Christmas Decoration Inspiration: 50+ Select Decor Pieces
Easy DIY Christmas decor ideas for the home, apartment, or farmhouse. The ultimate list of dollar store Christmas crafts to make your home or party look gorgeous and festive. We covered every room of the house: bedroom, living room, kitchen, even your mantle and staircase.
Easy DIY Cardboard Fireplace Christmas Decor Ideas For The Home or Party #Christmasdecorations #DIY
an elf is laying on the floor in front of a brick wall and christmas wreath
Santa is coming to KP!
a gingerbread man holding a candy cane in front of a large christmas ornament
a christmas tree decorated with red and white candy canes
23+ Snowman Christmas Tree Ideas Your Kids Will Love