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an image of a path in the woods that is very dark and green with grass on both sides
The Old Road Art Print by Cat Shatwell
an oil painting of snow and ice on the water
a painting of a pink house with trees in the foreground
Peter Lanyon - Pink Farm
an abstract painting with blue, orange and white colors on it's surface is shown
Mixed Media Landscapes by Michele Kishita
River's End by Michele Kishita
an abstract painting with trees and hills in the background
Yorkshire Landscape
'Yorkshire Landscape' (1937) by Francis Butterfield
an oil painting of rocks on the beach with water in the background and dark clouds overhead
Contemporary art by artist Chris Bushe on view at Mixed Summer Exhibition 2014, Gallery Heinzel, Aberdeen
April Rain, High Water, Saligo Bay by Chris Bushe
an abstract painting with blue, green and white colors on the bottom half of it
Summery evening on a country lane in north Devon . . . . . #NorthDevon #devonlanes #oilpainting #oilonboard #painting #landscape #landscapepainting #summer #light #evening #shadows #countrylanes #countryside
an oil painting of a field with flowers and trees in the distance, on a pastel background
The Difference an Underpainting can Make
'Once Upon a Summer' 8x10 pastel ©Karen Margulis This painting is on gray Pastelmat with a Nupastel and alcohol...
an oil painting of trees and water in the snow with pink sky behind them at sunset
Brent Cotton
Brent Cotton. Winter’s Calm
an oil painting of flowers in a field
Bob Rohm
an impressionist painting of a chair in a field with trees and bushes behind it
Gathering Lavender
a painting of a sailboat in the ocean
a bench sitting in the middle of a garden filled with purple and white flowers next to tall grass
Scampston Walled Garden
Scampston Walled Garden | The Teddington Gardener