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ask-team-rfa: “The winner of the Valentine magazine cover contest- Jumin Han! Thank you to those who voted for their fav members~ It was a close call, and so because of that there may even be a runner up cover, so do stay tuned!

@yoaihime - “There are so many art-related things I want to do...but I just have no time. I promise this time, I…”

I promise this time, I will try to finish the copic video from a couple of months ago, I just need to finish editing because I finally have a few days off ;

(art belongs to sugarandmemories on tumblr) IM SOBBING LOOK AT THI S|| honESTLY THO??? #me????

I don't understand but that appears to be Thomas Jefferson, third president of our nation, crying in his bathtub into a bowl of mac and cheese.