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Alicja Kozłowska

Alicja Kozłowska
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Spikers and Setters // Haiba Lev - Yaku Morisuke, Akaashi Keiji - Bokuto Koutaro, Hinata Shouyou - Kageyama Tobio, Oikawa Tooru - Iwaizumi Hajime, Futakuchi Kenji - Moniwa Kaname

Yaoi fans. Too crazy for their own good < i say that as an yaoi fan myself

True< not true< u know that you’re being homophobic when you treat gay men like objects for you to get off to and call yourself a dirty sinner for shipping two boys << exactly just change homophobes to fujoshis and fujoshis to lgbt ppl

I'm crying this is excellent... I don't really ship them but the reactions from all of them....

jmbad-art Rei x Nagisa with Makoto In which Makoto learns to knock like a respectable human being What i. Imagine if that happened

Fanfic / Fanfiction de Kuroko no Basuke - A vida ainda pode ser bela, sabe? - Capítulo 12 - A Supernanny mais estranha do mundo!

Browse YAOI MidoTaka gif collected by Giovina Fransiska and make your own Anime album.